Thorfire VG10S

The Product

ThorFire reached out to me and asked if they could send over a VG10S for review. I've spent a couple weeks with it, so here are my thoughts! This is a single 18650 light with a larger head, giving it much better cooling and a much more traditional 'flashlight' shape than the 1" tubes that are so common these days. This light uses an XP-L2 emitter in a smooth reflector.
When ThorFire contacted me they mentioned wanting to provide a coupon code for this light, but they have not given it to me yet. If the code is provided I'll update this post or comment below.


This is a good light with a great form factor. It's on the upper end of pocket-able, with great heft and decent throw. My sample had a few small machining defects, and the UI isn't perfect, but I'd have no trouble recommending this light.


This light seems well built overall. All the threads on my sample are very smooth. The stainless steel bezel is a nice touch as well. I did note a few sharp edges and burrs on my sample. I don't consider that a deal breaker at this price point, but I thought it worth mentioning. Aside from the minor flaws, this unit feels solid enough to be used as a hammer.

Light Modes and Interface

This light has a 4+1 mode UI with memory. A full click turns the light on in the last used mode. A half click cycles up from moonlight (1 lm according to specs), low (50 lm), mid (300 lm), and high (1100 lm) before dropping back to moonlight. A double tap at any point in time will go to a full brightness strobe. A full tap turns the light off.
I have to give ThorFire a big thumbs up for this UI working as indicated - never once did a double tap change modes instead of going into strobe, or a quick press-pause-press to change modes twice get me into strobe. The mode spacing is good, and the moonlight mode is especially dim (which is great). The UI does have a bit of a quirk where, when switching modes, the light takes a fraction of a second to figure out what you want before doing it. This is pretty quick, but it's noticeable enough to be distracting, especially when jumping from moonlight to low. I would also prefer a UI with an option for no memory, but I know that's a matter of opinion and plenty of people prefer mode memory.

Light Quality and Beam

This light uses an XP-L2 emitter with a smooth reflector. I wouldn't call it a thrower, but it has decent throw compared to a 1" light while still being pocket-able. The combination of a domed emitter in a smooth reflector leads to some expected tint shift across the beam, but this is mostly only visible on subjects like walls that don't have much going on. I used the light for a good number of night hikes and didn't have any issue. The tint is white with a hint of blue-green, and is not a harsh blue.
VG10S vs. 5000K 219C in Skilhunt H03

Form Factor and Retention

This light has a larger head than the 1" tube lights that crowd the market. The form factor looks a bit like a P60 style light or a Convoy M2. I like the substantial size, as it makes the light comfortable in the hand. The extra size also helps with cooling, and makes the light feel very durable. I do find that the tube is a bit girthier than necessary, adding a bit of weight to the light, but some people might like the feel of this in the hand.

The included pocket clip has a great ramp and holds the light head-down. I'm a fan of the clip.

Power and Runtime

The light is powered by a single 18650 cell. There are nice springs at both ends, so any 18650 should fit. I started a run time test on high, but the light seemed to have no plans of stepping down and was getting a bit too hot for my liking, so I stopped the test about 10 minutes in.



  • Great form factor
  • Well built
  • Good and intuitive UI


  • Machining defects
  • Get's too warm before stepping down for my liking
  • Small UI hiccup when changing modes