Bertucci A-2T Super Classic

The Product

I've been looking for a watch that I could wear to the office and out on a hike, that wouldn't look out of place in either environment. I settled on a field watch, and reached out to Bertucci, who agreed to send this one. This is a 40 mm field watch with a titanium case, sapphire crystal, screw down crown, and date complication.


I really think this is a fantastic watch for the price. It checks a ton of durability features off the spec list, and feels well built too. The design is classic, and fits in comfortably in a variety of environments. If you don't like this particular model, Bertucci offers a variety of different movements, case materials, and colors with a similar aesthetic.
The design does limit you slightly in terms of band replacements, the movement isn't specified, and the printing on the face isn't as sharp as some high end watches - but this has become a regularly worn watch for me, and I really think it's a great option.

Design and Case

This watch is a classic example of the Field style. The case is milled from titanium with a bead blasted finish, and appears to be made a single piece (excluding the crown and case back). The lugs sit slightly below the rest of the watch, helping it hug your wrist.
The crown is screw-down, and seals with an O-ring to keep water out. The crown also has a great shape cut into it to make it easier to grip, though it doesn't match the one shown on the product page.
The 4:00 position the crown is located at goes a long way to ensuring it doesn't dig into your wrist, especially while working or doing any sort of physical activity.
 The back is screwed in as well, and features the details of the watch as well as a nice little picture of Enzo the dog. With the strap removed, we also get a look at the solid lugs.
No spring bars here - these are machined as a single piece with the case. This should make it nearly impossible to pop these out, but it will of course limit your band options. 
The case also projects a fair bit above the sapphire crystal, which should help protect it from some bumps.

Face and Lume

True to the field watch tradition, the face is simple and easily readable, with large Arabic numerals for the hour markers, and smaller 24 hour markings inside those. I find the inclusion of the brand, model number, case material, movement, crystal material, and water resistance add up to make the center of the face a bit busy, but not so much that it hinders visibility.
Printing on the face is very clear, but you can see some very slight roughness around the edges if you get close enough. This is in no way visible at arm's length.
There's a small dot of GITD lume for each hour marker, as well as at the end of the second hand and filling the minute and hour hands. The lume is plenty bright to be visible after charging up, but it fades relatively quickly.


The strap included with this watch is a single piece 22 mm Zulu style with 3 rings. It's a bit rigid at first, but quite comfortable after it's broken in. The single piece strap makes the watch wear sit a bit high on the hand and wear a bit larger than some other models with similar dimensions, but these nylon straps are common for a reason - they're inexpensive, stylish, and easy to swap out to your liking.

Movement and Complications

 The movement in this watch is an unspecified Japanese quartz movement, with a claimed battery life of 10 years.
As far as complications, there's a date window at the 4:00 position, in line with the crown.
I recorded the time with the WatchCheck app for Android for the period I have owned this watch, a little over a month. Over this time, the recorded error was less than two seconds. As someone who lives in an area with DST, that means less than 12 seconds off from the time I set my watch to, which is plenty accurate for me.



  • Deep-set sapphire crystal, screw down crown and case back, all-titanium construction, and solid bars all combine for a package that seems incredibly durable
  • Versatile design
  • 4:00 crown position is much more comfortable than the usual 3:00
  • I appreciate the lume, date, and 24 hour markings


  • Fixed lugs limit band options
  • Movement isn't specified

Notes and Links

This product was provided by the manufacturer free of charge, in exchange for this review. I was not paid to write this review, and have tried to remain as unbiased as possible.