If you're enjoying my site and want to spend more time browsing great EDC content, here are a few of my favorite related sites, all managed by awesome people:
  • is a review site focused around flashlights. Zeroair takes great photos, and includes some very comprehensive measurements. He also seems to have a review for every light that exists, making his site a great research tool.
  • is a great review site. Zak specializes in emitter swaps, sometimes breaking lights in the process, but always providing useful information for people looking to mod their lights.
  • - Virisenox recently launched this great site for reviews, complete with PWM measurements that can be hard to find in other reviews.
  • is a parametric database that helps you narrow down your search for a light, with most of the big brands included. I find this tool incredibly useful both for my own purchases and when helping others. Parametrek also has similar tools for a variety of other equipment.
  • is the go-to store if you're a proud member of the flashlight enthusiast group, and you want the world to know it. Ozythemandias sells patches, stickers, and more with his original designs.