I made this site to share my thoughts on the gear and tech I use from day to day. Gear is a loose term, but for me it's any functional item or tool. Some of these items will be general purpose EDC that I always like to keep around me, while others will be more dedicated and will probably only see use on hiking trips or other outings.
I'm located in Ontario, Canada. The site name, bmengineer, comes from the program I went to school for - biomedical mechanical engineering. Disclosure: I am not at this time a licensed engineer, and this site does not contain any engineering opinions. It's just a user name I picked for Reddit back when I was in school, and the reviews are just my personal opinions.
So, what kind of items can you expect to see here? You've probably noticed it's mostly flashlights, simply because that's what I started reviewing. My other main interests include pens, knives, multi-tools, and watches - so hopefully you'll see more of those items in the future.
If you have an item you'd like to see my thoughts on, feel free to let me know. If enough people ask, I'll do what I can to get my hands on one. If you'd like to send me an item for a review, get in touch!